The company was founded in 1967, by Ranyák György master of Glass shaper in the heart of Budapest. The company is inherided from fathers to sons, and has a great professional experience. Its recognized specialists are able to realize almost any idea. The products of the family company have been recognized EUROPE wide with time and company serves many large firms, but also private persons, both at home and abroad, thanks to the workmanship ’precise processing’ on time delivery and permanent technology improvement. The portfolio of the dynamically developing family enterprice has been widening from year for decades. Among many other products it includes health care products, wine producing equipment, labor ware or fancy goods for example.

"A mixture of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology"

Our products are made of heat residant PYREX and SIMAX glasses that may be shaped at high temperature, are clear enough to be used in healthcare and free of stresses so highly resistant to mechanical loads. The high temperature gas mixture is formed by German made HERBERT – ARNOLD burners used in glass technology. High purity oxygen that is used in this gas mixture is supplied by an industrial oxygen generator of our own.

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